Darren Yates


Fighting , and and supporting those who have experienced a with ‘Calendar Girls 2021’

England, United Kingdom
Tilmeldt januar 2012


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  1. 31. aug.

    If you’ve ever experienced a you may want to help with this. Please get in touch!

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    31. aug.

    We really love you guys! What better way to start the weekend with another show ! 💖🕺👍

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    30. aug.

    6pm the best in worldwide unsigned artists 8pm show 1hr of fun laughter and more filling in for who is still ill 9pm Alan Connan's World 3hrs of music bedtime stories & more

  4. 25. aug.
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    22. aug.
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    23. aug.

    It happens all the time 😂😍! Who knows a teenager that has a room like this!?

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    22. aug.
  8. 22. aug.
  9. 20. aug.

    I’m looking to create a ‘calendar girls’ style calendar featuring women who have had a to help raise money and awareness. My wife has had 7 miscarriages. If you’re up for helping out, get in touch.

  10. 20. aug.

    You can’t beat a custard doughnut.

  11. 18. aug.

    Comedian / Stroke victim Duncan Norvelle has had his car stolen off his drive in Essex. His mobility scooter, head mic and suits were inside the White Ford Kuga (ET18 JEO). Keen ‘em peeled! Pls. RT.

  12. 16. aug.

    It’s official, I’m now a ‘Lifesaver in waiting’ - thanks to and the lovely . It seems we’re incredible.

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    10. aug.

    From 24 miles per day to using this walker to get to bathroom. I’m on my way back. Gonna rebuild with patience and equanimity.

    Vis denne tråd
  14. 10. aug.

    Hey are you still the Chief Customer Officer at Asda? I wanted to contact you.

  15. 9. aug.

    Thank you for creating an amazing - it was amazing! A weird yet wonderful creation cooked to perfection!

  16. 8. aug.

    Really? WTF It seems men also urinate in kettles! I feel quite ill.....

  17. 4. aug.
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    4. aug.

    🎈SUNDAY IS FUNDAY !! 🎈 are here with their madcap show, join them from 2pm this afternoon 📻:

  19. 3. aug.

    RIP - one of the greatest entertainers. xx

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    2. aug.

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